proxypass-reverse question for redirects

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Subject: proxypass-reverse question for redirects
Posted by:  john (joep…
Date: Tue, 03 May 2011

Hi, somebody any idea how to do the following:
I have a vmware image running some stupid non-apache webserver on From outside I have written a proxypass and proxypassreverse
to refer to it as follows:
proxypass /foo
proxypassreverse /foo
A request to http://myserver/foo works. However this server will proceed
with a redirect reply
to /intranet for the next page. This results on the outside to a request
http://myserver/intranet which doesn't exist of course. The same with
multiple other pages and links. Unfortunately it's not easy to move the foo
server pages to something like http://fooserver/foopages/, because this
image is using an aolserver with tcl :-(
Is there a way to handle all redirects from this internal server to a
correct request?Some nasty rewriterule or whatever.