Where Am I going wrong for htaccess?

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Subject: Where Am I going wrong for htaccess?
Posted by:  drum118 (drum1…@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011

When I first built my site, I never expected it would become this
large nor I would need SSI.

I have a few 1,000's of html pages written raw code and I need to
start changing the various types of menus due more been added to them
as well the number of pages under years is growing. There is over a
1,000's different types of menus.

New to SSI and I have looked at numberours sites for info and I still
cannot get the menus to work.

My ISP said I can use htaccess in the root file and I don't see one
nor the config file. I have looked for a hidden file and see nothing.

I get process error when I view the pages under testing with the
following htaccess code. Is this correct or what do I need to change
to get it to work?

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes AddType
application/x-httpd-cgi .cgi
AddType text/x-server-parsed-html .html
AllowOverride AuthConfig Indexes
Options +Includes
XBitHack on
chmod +x pagename.html
AddHandler server-parsed .html

I have a folder call "includes" (can change the name if I have to)
that will hold all the text files for the various menus that are in
various folders. I am calling for the menu on the various pages for a
project call TorontoSunBuilding as follow:
<!--#include virtual="/includes/Urban/Toronto/T/TorontoSunBuilding/
TorontoSunBuilding.txt" -->

Thanks for the help