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Subject: Re: conditional configuration
Posted by:  HansH (hansh@invalid.invalid)
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010

"William Gill" <nospam@domain.invalid> schreef in bericht
> Is there a simple way to have httpd.config skip or include directives
> based on some external condition.  Specifically, I have development
> servers on my network and on my notebook.  When I am working on something
> new I frequently have to copy things back and forth or to a flash drive.
> To make keeping track easier I want to create a virtual host on a flash
> drive and have httpd.config test for the presence of the flash drive to
> determine whether or not to include the <VirtualHost> Directive.  Can this
> be done, and if so can it be done simply?
Instead try auto-mounting your flash-drive at the document root of a
virtual. Obviously that virtual only may show contence when a drive is




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