Config isues - could not bind to address

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Subject: Config isues - could not bind to address
Posted by:  kuripot (mbouli…
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010

Apache is running as a service.

When I test the configuration I get an error message stating that it
could not bind to address
No listening sockets available.

Running netstat -ano I can tell that process ID 4 (system process) is
listening on that port.

When I try to change the "listen port" in httpd.conf to any other
number (90, 8080, 81, etc.) I still get the same error.
When I run netstat, I see that process ID 4 is still listening to port
80 and that Apache is listening to port 90 (or whatever number I
change it to).
However it still fails when testing the configuration.

Tried, nameOfServer.domain_name (with and without the port

Running Server 2008 R2. Enabling or disabling firewall makes no
difference. Stopping WAS and W3SVC makes no difference as well.

Any suggestions?