How do you allow any n digit password in .htpasswd

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Subject: How do you allow any n digit password in .htpasswd
Posted by:  dorayme (doray…
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010

Can you go about allowing *any* n digit password (along with a
particular username) to allow anyone who knows the username and
keys in any n number of digits from 0 to 9 to access
a file or folder using the simple technology of

When you make an .htaccess you put in something like

AuthUserFile /public/
AuthType Basic
AuthName "members"
Require valid-user

and you use an encrypter to generate the password that goes into
..htpassd and it might look like this:


If it was just


I assume it would be accessible on mere correct name entry?

Is there anything you could write if you wanted any 7 digit
number (0-9 to be used) in any order without having to supply all
permutations. Or is htaccess/htpasswd not that sophisticated?