newbie: problem with .htaccess

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Subject: newbie: problem with .htaccess
Posted by:  Jivanmukta (jivanmuk…
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009

I have little experience with Apache.
I want to use SSL for C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation
ieruchomosci-ogloszenia\secure folder. I created
denial.html page in this folder and .htpass file. In .htaccess I have
such lines:

ErrorDocument 401 htdocs/nieruchomosci-ogloszenia/secure/denial.html
AuthUserFile htdocs/nieruchomosci-ogloszenia/secure/.htpass

Now I can log on with data from .htpass.
The problem #1 is that I don't understand why I had to enter "htdocs"
before /nieruchomosci-ogloszenia/secure/.htpass.html. Without this I
could not receive login dialog.
The problem #2 is that when I press ESC in login dialog I can see


path as text in the browser instead of redirection.
Please help. Thanks in advance.