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Subject: Re: Why is rewrite rule adding the port
Posted by:  Álvaro_G._Vicario
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009

laredotornado escribió:
> I have this configuration in my Apache 2 config file:
> <VirtualHost *:6910>
>     RewriteRule ^/RE$ /RE/ [R,L]
> </VirtualHost>
> What I want is that when I type in "" that the
> URL be rewritten as "" but instead what is
> happening is that the URL is being rewritten as "
> 6910/RE/".
> How can I change my rewrite rule so that the port is not added? should be connecting to port 443, not 6910, so
there's little chance that <VirtualHost *:6910> is being used.

Are you using a proxy/router/something that's redirecting connections in
the background? If so, you have to type the full URL:

# Untested
RewriteRule ^/RE$ [R,L]

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