Set a Environment Variable in Config File

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Subject: Set a Environment Variable in Config File
Posted by:  zggame (zgga…
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009

I am helping 20 students using something with Apache 1.  Every student
has an account and home directory in a linux server, and his/her own
httpd.conf with different port setting.  They run their own server by
"apache -f httpd.conf".  In the config file, there is setting for an
alias/scriptalias/log/lock files all setting from their own homepath.
Previously, these are hard-coded.  This year, we have more students
and it will be very nice if I can use some kind of variable and write
it such as $MY_PATH/log/error.log, and I do not need to correct long
home path probably 10 times in each config files.  "setEnv" seems not
for this purpose.  I tried export $MY_PATH in shell and it does not
work either.  Does Apache have such ability?  How can I do it?