how many simultanous web-views can apache / mysql handle?

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Subject: how many simultanous web-views can apache / mysql handle?
Posted by:  Rahul (nospam@nospam.invalid)
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009

Is there any way to approximately simulate how many simultanous webpage
viewers my apache installation can handle? We set up a small Wiki as well
as a scientific data portal and currently it is doing great but it has very
few simultanous users. But for the future if we released it more broadly we
were worried if it would bring down our server.

Both are essentially apache+php+mysql setups. Currently the dual core
machine seems to be coping well and never has load averages exceeding 1.2
or so.

Are there any heuristics to go by? Better still can any of these daemons
(apache / mysql) be run in some sort of load-test modes to see what is the
limit of their performance?

I've never done this sort of thing before so was wondering how people go
about it. Furthermore in case we find the current infrastructure won't be
enough how does one proceed? (a) Go in for more cores (b) higher cpus freq
(c)multiple servers? (d) running mysql and apache on two physically
different machines?