Configuring Apache 2.2 to process images

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Subject: Configuring Apache 2.2 to process images
Posted by:  steb (steba…
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009

Good day,

I've been working on some script that is to display jpeg / png images
using the php GD.

The images aren't being processed properly, it seems, as they are
showing up as:=C3=BF=C3=98=C3=BF=C3=A0=EF=BF=BD=10JFIF=EF=BF=BD=01=01=EF=BF=
gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG
JPEG v62), default quality =C3=BF=C3=9B=EF=BF=BDC=EF=BF=BD=08=06=06=07=06=
=05=08=07=07=07 =08 =0C=14 =0C=0B=0B=0C=19=12=13=0F=14=1D=1A=1F=1E=1D=1A

for instance.

Googling tells me it appears to be something I need to configure in
Apache, but the examples I've seen are for older versions of apache
and don't seem to make any difference if I try to plug them into the
2.2 configuration file (and subsequent stop and restart of the