Question about Apache and Mod_Proxy

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Subject: Question about Apache and Mod_Proxy
Posted by:  andrew (andrew.ggrou…
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009

I'm rather new to Apache / Mod_Proxy, so I though I would share my
configuration and see if anyone had any ideas for improvement, plus I
had a question.

My challenge was to take a domain name and split it across three
servers, one for static content, one for a blog and one for a .Net
application.  So that went to static,
went to the blog server, and went to a Windows

For SEO purposes subdomains were ruled out.

All of the Linux servers are: Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS

Everything works fine.  I added proxy statements to the /etc/apache2/

The "proxy" server is *only* serving proxy requests.  No websites or

My question is this:  looking at the configuration, it seems that the
proxy server will work for one domain... how do I set it up to run
proxy rules based on a host header?

Now that I typed all of this out, I think I know what to research, but
I'll post the question anyways.  I'll reply back if I figure it
out... :)