RedirectMatch on a second domain

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Subject: RedirectMatch on a second domain
Posted by:  rcherny (rcher…
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008

Ok, for once I can get htaccess and Mod Rewrite to do a lot of what I
need it to do, but unfortunately, it's not what I need in this

And this seems like it should be really, really easy ... but I can't
get it to work to save my life for some reason (probably because I
haven't put the time in to really, really learn apache and regex but

Basically there's two domain names on the same virtual site.

One needs to redirect, with the trailing folders/queries, to a

I don't want rewrite, since I want the sub-folder to show.

Basically: needs to say* needs to be*

This should be really, really easy, right?

I've been assuming I need to match on the domain using RedirectMatch
and just redirect to the sub-folder?