Block folders which don't contain 'index.htm' etc.

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Subject: Block folders which don't contain 'index.htm' etc.
Posted by:  Dimo Tabken (usen…
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008

Hi folks,

just a short question from an apache Newbie ...
is there a way to configure an apache 2.0.55 that it doesn't show the
contents of folders which don't contain an index.html, -.htm or -.php?

I've got lots of directories, and I don't want public to be able to browse
all these subfolders but only those which contain the files  mentioned
My idea would be to show something like "Access forbidden" instead of the
contents of the folders.

can I set this up somewhere in the httpd.conf?

thanks in advance for any hint!

kind regards,